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maybe i am just a silly little figment of ur Imagination

Side Projects


speaking my truth. but into The Void!!!!!!!!


what i wouldn't do for a nice big bowl of frozen green grapes right now...


i need to get my life together. and will therefore be crowdsourcing accountability thru the most effective medium i will ever and have ever known. Passive Aggressive Emails


a fun lil thing i made at ungodly hours on a friday night/saturday morning as an ode to email!!


fun little handmade website slash glorified hyperlink conglomerate i made over the weekend documenting the people/things that have shaped the way i view, use, and create on the World Wide Web™ :D


maybe sundays will be my favourite days now. or second favourite at the very least!!


building a digital garden!! still very much a work in progress, but i'm hoping to document my learnings and all that fun stuff here. i really love the concept of connecting ideas like lit rally luv xx


covering the best of what i've been consuming (VERY subjective) as an Extremely Online 17 year old lel oh lel



rise and grind!! get your daily dose of KNOWLEDGE from everyone's favourite millionaire, tai lopez. the hustle never stops with his critically acclaimed monologue (shot in the beautiful outskirts of his garage) now broken into autoscrolling bite-sized text for your viewing pleasure. revisit it daily and you'll get yourself a lamborghini in no time!!

2021 houses all the little experiments i tinkered with around one and a half years ago. i hope you can find comfort in how tragic these attempts were during your next coffee-fueled stack overflow session!!

Work Experience

2022 — Now

live!! laff!! luv!!

2021 — Now

getting to do all sorts of fun wonderful stuff with some of the most cool and brilliant people i know!!!!!! not exaggerating when i say that working with them has probably been one of the most transformative experiences of my life!!!!!!!!!!

2020 — 2020
customer service rep at domino's

my first ever real job!! it was actually pretty okay. i learned that some people can be really mean for no reason, but that the majority of people are nice!! so humanity is pretty decent, like that one philosopher said. voltaire maybe?? no, i don't think so BUT TO BE FAIR i did not thrive in social studies 9 so cut me some slack!!!!



i am the proud owner of plot h7 on Follow Me To Learn More About How I Bought Land At 17 Years Old And How You Can Do It Too!! first free tip is to read rich dad poor dad. after turning a single page my brain expanded and i reached my ultimate form and can now turn things into gold by touching them like king midas except i can switch off my power with the help of express vpn because it prevents hackers from accessing your data so you can feel safe when you're browsing on the web. try hellofresh today with my coupon code for $50 off your first meal!!

participation ribbon from some track event?? or cross country?? what even is the difference sorry

i am no usain bolt, but i did try and that's what counts!! yay second grade me for showing up!! if you don't succeed, try try again!!


2017 — 2022
generic high school

zoo wee mama i am. Done forever

2014 — 2014
turn off the light at my dad

at some point in my very long life™, i was really bad at turning off the lights before leaving a room. fortunately, my Very Cool Dad took it upon himself to burn this simple action into my brain until it was the only thing on my mind. no thoughts, head empty EXCEPT DID YOU TURN OFF THE LIGHTS?? i am proud to say that i am now an official turn-off-the-lights-after-you-leave-a-room person!!


New Layer, Inc.